Fire and Life Safety Training Services

Plan and Prepare for Fire and Other Emergencies

Plan and Prepare for Fire and Other Emergencies

We work with you to create effective emergency plans, especially for fire, natural disasters or other conditions that threaten people’s lives. In addition, we provide the training required to keep commercial buildings and facilities in compliance with safety codes.

Expert Fire and Life Safety Services

捕鱼大亨手机版Our Fire and Life Safety Training Division provides comprehensive fire and life safety and emergency preparation services for every type of facility. While especially important for high-rise building owners and managers, fire and life safety planning is a critical loss prevention strategy for every operation.

捕鱼大亨手机版As the leader in training commercial building tenants and campus residents for fire safety and emergency certification, our proprietary training system ensures your buildings and their occupants meet mandated national, state and local standards. Additionally, we maintain close relationships with federal and local law enforcement, fire officials and other emergency personnel, and many of our instructors and managers are former law enforcement members.

We provide interactive, building-specific, web-based training modules for your tenants. For more information, visit the website. For a demo or complimentary review of your current fire and life safety plans, call 1-310-882-5411 or .