Government Institutions

Professional Security Services For Government Facilities

Layers of Protection Under One Contract

Government and highly-regulated facilities require layers of security and often times mean agencies must engage multiple contractors to achieve a comprehensive safety and security program.

We eliminate the need for a costly cache of providers through a turnkey approach to risk management that helps government clients identify and reduce threats, achieve reductions in overall security services expenditures, and relieve the burden of security management from division administrators.

捕鱼大亨手机版From physical, onsite security services to risk consultation and assessments to end-to-end technology solutions and systems, we possess both the expertise and the capabilities to proficiently and confidently navigate the challenges of highly regulated environments.

  • Tailored services based on if you're part of a local, state, or federal government agency.

  • Highly trained armed, unarmed and cleared security professionals who are invested in your community and are fit to serve the specific needs of your contract.

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版A responsive management structure that delivers the leading-edge technical expertise and best practices of a national security industry leader.

  • Workforce management solutions that take the guess work out of where your security team needs to be to Proactively mitigate your risk from incidents.  HELIAUS® is a smart solution that helps you extract value from security expenditures.

Solutions, Systems and Services

Our division of technology services has decades of experience providing systems and solutions to government agencies and departments. Our extensive suite of technology capabilities enables us to help you discover cost savings. Whether we design, build and install or integrate, host and manage, we help you eliminate the need for multiple providers and alleviate the burden of technology management.

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Alarm and electronic security system monitoring

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Intrusion and detection

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Door hardware solutions

  • Cloud-based solutions for system hosting and management

Commitment to Hiring Veterans

We are committed to hiring veterans, reservists, their families and caregivers. Military hiring is an essential part of our recruiting strategy and we’ve been recognized by numerous organizations for our efforts. 

Our Expertise

Allied Universal® has experience protecting all types of government facilities. Whether it’s a large federal institution or your local library, Allied Universal® understands your needs. Our experience, led by the expertise of the entire Government Services division, shows our commitment to protection excellence in this exclusive sector.

Further augmenting our expertise is our division, Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services. Led by an internal team of consultants boasting notable backgrounds in government and international security they represent the industry’s foremost authorities on risk management and provide our government clients additional layer of support to combat emerging threats.

  • Digital forensics

  • Investigations and litigation support

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Executive and personal protection

  • Workplace violence prevention

Who We Serve

捕鱼大亨手机版Allied Universal® is recognized by our clients as the industry leader, specializing in force protection and access control to local, state and federal government facilities and agencies, including:

  • Airports

  • Business Improvement Districts

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版City Administrative Services

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Consulates/Embassies

  • Courts

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Federal, Civilian and Defense Contractors

  • Federal Government Agencies

  • International Financial Agencies

  • Municipal, County and State Agencies

  • Ports/Port Authorities

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Public Utilities

  • Transportation/Transit Authorities

Scope of Work

Allied Universal® security professionals meet the highly specialized training and qualifications of each government contract. Customized and configurable training, credentialing and quality assurance programs support skill and performance verifications in government environments. Allied Universal® security officers will support every aspect of your security program, including:

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Access Control

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Alarm Response

  • Armed, Unarmed and Cleared Personnel

  • Badging and Identification

  • K9 Detection Teams

  • Control Centers and CCTV Operations

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Emergency Response

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Escort Services

  • Fire Safety

  • Force Protection

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Hazmat Response

  • Patrol Services

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Risk Assessment

  • Security Technology Solutions

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Work Stoppage Details

  • X-ray, Magnetometer and Wand Device Operations

Allied Universal® also provides maritime-trained, TWIC credentialed security professionals for:

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Passenger screening (magnetometer, x-ray imaging and wanding) for cruise terminals/ship gangways

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Regulatory-compliant access control for maritime facility security plans

  • Cargo screening (bulk and break-bulk)

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版MTSA regulated facilities and ports


We have years of experience in working with and supporting subcontractor and diversity partnerships with:

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Small Business Administration participation

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版8(a) Mentor Protégé Program sponsorship

  • Service Disabled Veteran-owned Businesses (SDVOB)


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