Safe Learning Environments For All Ages

Secure Your Learning Environment

Allied Universal® secures your campus with highly-trained security professionals and integrated risk consulting and state-of-the-art technology solutions so you can focus on creating a safe environment for your students, faculty and staff.

  • Friendly security professionals who employ a customer service mindset through incident management and safety patrols including parking enforcement and student escorts

  • Access control solutions to manage visitors and provide lock-out assistance when necessary

  • The only security services provider that invests in a dedicated K-12 and Higher Education support team for thought leadership, solution design and program management

Unrivaled Training & Resources

Schools face intense pressure to address safety incidents, hazards and stay current on issues facing the school security landscape. We are a contract security provider that offers training courses in critical school safety areas.

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Higher Education specific and K-12 specific learning paths

  • Customized online Fire/Life Safety training for students

  • 捕鱼大亨手机版Emergency Response Planning and Active Shooter/Hostile Event Preparedness

  • First Aid/CPR/AED and ADA compliance

Comprehensive Framework of Protection

Sensitive to the delicate balance of ensuring the right security measures are in place while preserving the student-focus and openness of a school campus, we bring a holistic approach to risk management. Our customized programs include integrations of risk consulting and technology solutions that augment physical security programs. Every solution is tailored designed through close collaboration with your stakeholders and matched to the environment of each unique school building, campus, or districtwide setting.

  • Optimize security coverage and response with HELIAUS®捕鱼大亨手机版 a security workforce solution designed to improve decision making and drive better outcomes for the campus environment. 

  • Improve efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership捕鱼大亨手机版 with hosted and managed technology services. 

  • Proactively mitigate issues on school grounds with remote video monitoring solutions that provide enhanced visibility of activity on campus, deter loitering and vandalism and mitigate crime, while reducing operational costs.

  • Verify authorized visitors and track their movements through the school, as well as identify and deter unauthorized visitors, with visitor management systems (VMS) and access control solutions. 

    • Add a layer of protection to physical security operations with automated, centralized lockdown systems. 

    • Support compliance and ensure quick response捕鱼大亨手机版 to emergencies and evacuation protocols with Fire & life safety systems and monitoring 

    • Improve security capabilities in remote or hazardous areas with augmented robotic security devices and sensors. 

    • Understand your school’s unique risks and improve preparedness 捕鱼大亨手机版and response to disaster and crisis events with assessments, best practices and active shooter and emergency preparedness training and drills conducted with by our team of risk advisory experts. 

  • Whether communicating an immediate security breach, directing visitors, students, and public figures on game day, or actively monitoring each site 24/7, Allied Universal® delivers the solutions to reduce risk and improve response to events and incidents.

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