Chemical Facilities Security Services

Facility Safety and Compliance Are Top Priorities

Ensuring security is critical to the safety of your facility and employees. But safety can be hard to achieve in hazardous environments if your security staff is not trained to recognize unsafe conditions and doesn’t account for the unique regulatory requirements of your industry, such as complying with the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).

捕鱼大亨手机版Allied Universal's plant security solutions support a culture of safety that focuses on both the procedures and processes that guide your operations, as well as the attitudes and behaviors of your employees and contractors.

Industry-benchmarked safety record and national safety programs
Ensure OSHA compliance and incident management standards with contract compliance metrics, key performance indicators and on-demand reporting
Support of AFPM, ESC, SOCMA and ASIS International
捕鱼大亨手机版 Our internal team of vertical market experts provide nationwide support and best practices across all industries

    Enhancing Business Continuity

    捕鱼大亨手机版The scope of the chemical, petrochemical and utilities industries, operating safety considerations, vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure, as well as social responsibilities and perceptions, require security solutions that go beyond traditional facilities protection.

    We have a dedicated vertical resource team to make sure our customers have the security solutions that fit their needs. With a deep-seated safety first mindset, we draw from our expansive portfolio of risk advisory services and technology solutions to solve complex problems that help improve business operations.

    Our Training is the Difference

    捕鱼大亨手机版Our “safety-first” approach mitigates risks within hazardous environments through training in key areas, including:

    • Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

    • Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)

    • 捕鱼大亨手机版Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

    • North American Electric Reliability Corporation – Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC – CIP)

    • Emergency Preparedness & Evacuation Procedures

    • National Safety Program Trainings (Job Safety Analysis, Fall Prevention, Heat/Cold Illness Prevention and Treatment etc…)

    • In-House MTSA Facility Security Officer Certifications (FSO)

    Customized, End-to-End Safety & Security Solutions

    The scope of the petrochemical industry, operating safety considerations, vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure, as well as social responsibilities and perceptions, require security solutions that go beyond traditional facilities protection. While Allied Universal® takes a “safety first” approach to mitigating risk to people and infrastructure, a key component that enhances the value of the services we deliver to our chemical, petrochemical and utility customers is our ability to solve complex problems to help improve business operations. With a consultative security approach, we develop solutions for the specific needs of your facility, and strategically deploy the people, systems and technology to minimize disruption and risk.

    • Proactively mitigate incidents, improve response and extract value from security expenditures through with an integrated workforce management platform. HELIAUS® is driven an by AI engine that helps take the guess work out of where your security team needs to be enabling a prescriptive approach to risk management that improves compliance and reduces liability.

    • Manage visitors, vendors and suppliers with access control systems and hosted/managed services. 

    • Mitigate attacks and terrorist events with threat intelligence and situational awareness platforms.

    • Protect remote and/or hazardous areas or assets捕鱼大亨手机版 more effectively with security robot services and remote video monitoring

    • Identify security breaches and incidents with intrusion & detection monitoring and response. 

    • Ensure business continuity and asset protection捕鱼大亨手机版 during periods of labor unrest, disaster and civil disturbance. 

    • Safeguard assets more effectively with door hardware solutions.

    Whether monitoring facility temperature gauges, conducting risk assessment of online threats and public sentiment or providing armed strike security response, Allied Universal® Risk Advisory & Consulting, physical security services and technology solutions can be seamlessly integrated under one partnership to assist you in preparing for, preventing and responding to risk; enabling more effective and efficient deployment of capital and compliance.


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